Flax Wallpaper Glue


Content: 100 gram (€0.17* / 1 gram)

Delivery time 2-5 days

Product number: LEIM0030
Product information "Flax Wallpaper Glue"

The Norafin® flax wallpaper glue – for bonding flax wallpaper to absorbent surfaces.

One package contains 100 grams of flax wallpaper glue and is sufficient for one roll of flax wallpaper of 25 m.


Pure methyl cellulose of different fiber lengths. No fungicides, no preservatives, no synthetic resin additives.


Please note our processing instructions for flax wallpaper glue in our technical data sheet:

data sheet

Download: Flax-Wallpaper-Glue technical data-sheet

Properties "Flax Wallpaper Glue"
Areas of application: wall decoration, wallpaper
Product features: environmentally friendly