Flax Wallpaper (unicolored) 10.05 linear meters


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Product number: 00518.98.10.05
Product information "Flax Wallpaper (unicolored) 10.05 linear meters"

The unicolored flax wallpaper comes on a 10.05 m roll with a width of 0.53 m. Thus, you can cover a wall surface of about 5 m² with it.

Click on the following link and get more information about our flax wallpaper: Flachstapete_Flyer.


  • very good light resistance
  • washable
    small stains can be dabbed off with a damp sponge
  • completely dry removable
    when renovating, the wallpaper can be removed dry from the wall without leaving any residue
  • paste the wall
    the wall is pasted with glue, not the back of the wallpaper

The flax wallpaper is a natural product consisting of flax and viscose fibers. Therefore, there may be slight color variations between the wallpaper rolls, which we cannot influence. These do not justify a complaint.

Our flax wallpaper is certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

OTS100 label


For the application of the flax wallpaper on the wall we recommend our flax wallpaper glue. It consists of pure methyl celluloses of different fiber lengths. Guaranteed without fungicides, preservatives or synthetic resin additives. The flax wallpaper glue is available here in the online shop.

Properties "Flax Wallpaper (unicolored) 10.05 linear meters"
Areas of application: wall decoration, wallpaper
Product features: breathable, climate-regulating, compostable, environmentally friendly, health-friendly, heat-insulating, soft to the touch, sound-insulating, tear-resistant, uv-resistant
basic price per m²: 8,67 €
basis weight: 130 g/m²
color(s): beige, nature
fiber blend: 65 % flax / 35 % viscose