Many people contact us to ask about our flax wallpaper. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the information you need, simply contact us. We will gladly help you and answer any flax wallpaper-related question! :-)

What is flax wallpaper made of?

Our wallpaper is a natural product made of 65 % flax fibers and 35 % viscose fibers. That’s 100 % natural.

What are the dimensions of the wallpaper?

Our wallpapers are available in different dimensions. You can find the exact dimensions in the respective product description.

Can I use any glue to fix the wallpaper to the wall?

Technically you can use any conventional nonwoven wallpaper glue. But why would you want that? We recommend our flax wallpaper glue, which fits perfectly with our wallpaper and is 100 % organic.

How do I have to process the flax wallpaper?

The processing of the wallpaper is fundamentally different from that of conventional wallpaper. You can find out how to achieve an ideal result in our detailed instructions on how to apply the flax wallpaper and in the technical information sheet on flax wallpaper glue.

Is the wallpaper also suitable for damp rooms or walls?

Our flax wallpaper is a natural product and not suitable for damp walls and rooms.

Can the wallpaper be painted over?

The wallpaper can be painted over. However, the beautiful natural look will be lost. If you really want to paint over the natural wallpaper, we recommend natural colors (e.g. clay colors), which preserve the breathability of the wallpaper.

Where can I dispose of the wallpaper?

Our plain-colored flax wallpaper consists of 100 % natural raw materials and no chemical binders are used. Therefore, our flax wallpaper can be disposed of easily & naturally on the compost or in the organic waste bin. That means you do not only relieve the environment, but you also avoid the trip to the hazardous waste deposit ;-)

Which wallpaper designs are available?

You can choose from different designs. Whether natural colored or with noble embroidery – The choice is all yours.

I have an idea for my own design. Is the wallpaper also available with individual embroidery?

We realize your individual design – even if you only require one strip. Prerequisite are high-quality, editable templates in a high resolution. If you want an individual design, just contact us so that we can discuss the details.

Where can I buy the flax wallpaper?

You can buy flax wallpaper here in our online store or ask the painter or interior decorator of your choice.

Where can I get samples?

We would be happy to send you samples. Just send us a short message with your address using the contact form and the samples will arrive in a few days.