LITE-STRIPS Bio5, 10 l


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Product number: LI00040
Product information "LITE-STRIPS Bio5, 10 l"

LITE-STRIPS Bio5 – Create a biological water storage by mixing 100 % biodegradable water storage nonwoven strips into the soil near the roots. Thus, the water reservoirs are directly where the plant needs them – at the roots and not at the bottom of the flowerpot. Your plants can access the water in the irrigation nonwoven more easily and more effectively. On top of that, with LITE-STRIPS you avoid dousing. 10 l LITE-STRIPS store up to 9 l of water. 

100 % BIODEGRADABLE! LITE-STRIPS – the biological water storage strips Bio5, 10 l are biologically degraded / composted completely after approx. 5–10 years.