Flax Wallpaper Glue

An ecological glue for an ecological wallpaper

A special wallpaper also requires a special adhesive that matches the properties of the flax wallpaper – the Norafin® flax wallpaper glue.

The glue is based on pure methyl cellulose and easy to apply. It ensures a flawless wallpapering result.


Flax Wallpaper Glue
The Norafin® flax wallpaper glue – for bonding flax wallpaper to absorbent surfaces. One package contains 100 grams of flax wallpaper glue and is sufficient for one roll of flax wallpaper of 25 m. COMPOSITION: Pure methyl cellulose of different fiber lengths. No fungicides, no preservatives, no synthetic resin additives. APPLICATION: Please note our processing instructions for flax wallpaper glue in our technical data sheet: Download: Flax-Wallpaper-Glue technical data-sheet

Content: 100 gram (€0.17* / 1 gram)